See the list: What are the world’s 5 biggest marketplaces?

In the Nordics, Amazon is the most famous marketplace. But they are just one of many. See the list of the biggest marketplace here.

Amazon has landed in Scandinavia, posing a great threat to some and a great opportunity for others. But Amazon is just one of many. As you can read below, the world has seen a massive increase in marketplaces the last 10 years.

Let’s take it from the top

Here you can see the 5 biggest marketplaces in the world according to a new analysis from Digital Commerce 360.

1. Taobao (China). Gross merchandise value of 484 billion US Dollars

2. Tmall (China). Gross merchandise value of 458 billion US Dollars

3. Amazon (US). Gross merchandise value of 339 billion US Dollars

4. (China). Gross merchandise value of 299 billion US Dollars

5. Ebay (US). Gross merchandise value of 90 billion US Dollars

The gross merchandise value (GMV) is the total value of goods sold on the marketplace. The above numbers are exclusive of the marketplaces’ own products, so the GMV could be even higher.

Big increase in new marketplaces since 2011

54 of the top 100 marketplaces were launched within the last 10 years. Some of them are retailers who have been around for a while and in recent years started allowing other companies to sell on their sites.

With over 5 new marketplaces, on average, being born every year since 2011 it is obvious that a big part of the business world has identified the platforms as having the greatest potential.

The growth of marketplace sales is forcing retailers to consider how to keep their sales and customers away from the revenue swallowing giants.