download the biggest omnichannel benchmark in Scandinavia

The 2020 Omnichannel Index covers the omnichannel performance of the 253 biggest scandinavian retailers and brands across 51 touchpoints.

51 touchpointS. 10 industries. 253 investigated companies.

Amazon is here. Is your company ready to compete? Understanding your consumers’ needs and taking control of your customer journey is a good starting point. And omnichannel can help you acomplish it.

Download the report to receive:

  • 8 most important findings on the current state of omnichannel
  • Benchmark of the 253 biggest brands in Scandinavia across 51 touchpoints
  • Financial analysis of 10 industries by Danske Bank

Insights and tips on how you can improve your omnichannel efforts – and why you should!

To get an in-depth overview of the omnichannel performance of 253 of the biggest companies in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, you can combine the insights from the report with our extensive Omnichannel Benchmark and see how your company compares.

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