A global and digital growth adventure with hummel

New e-commerce solution to fulfill hummel’s ambitious growth aspirations. The goal markets are both the European market and markets such as India, USA, APAC and MENA, in which few Danish retailers have been able to create digital success.

Hummel has been a strong player in the Danish domestic market, but with a new ambitious growth strategy, the popular brand will now begin investing internationally. A key element of the new strategy is to raise their digital to the next level which will facilitate a large part of the international growth. Enter IMPACT and Salesforce, who will build Hummel’s new global platform together and thereby boost hummel’s growth over the next three years.

According to hummel’s 2023 strategy, they are looking to increase their revenues from 1 to 2 billion DKK within the time period 2017-2023 and the growth should largely come from digital efforts. To fulfill their ambitions, hummel has searched for both a partner and a platform with proven international success.

We have chosen IMPACT because they have a strong team of full-service competencies. They are experts in e-commerce, but they also understand business and growth, and that is important to us.

Lau VesterdalChief Digital Officer, hummel

While Salesforce Commerce Cloud will consolidate customer data and give hummel a 360-degree insight into customers, IMPACT must support the growth journey technically, visually and strategically.

Global ambitions

Step one is for the new platform to be implemented in seven European markets in the spring of 2020 in order to reach the market quickly, after which hummel will enter the global market. Markets such as India, USA, APAC and MENA are especially important for hummel. This is in despite of the fact that several of these are markets are markets in which few Danish retailers have managed to achieve digital success.

“We have seen great potential in several emerging markets, where hummel must be present digitally as well as physically. If we are to fulfill our growth ambitions, it will demand a great deal from our omnichannel efforts,” Lau Vesterdal states.

As an example, Turkey will benefit from hummel’s digital developments. With 175 physical stores in the market, hummel is already a well-known brand, and with a strong omnichannel effort, they will be able to position themselves as one of the leading sports brands.

Commerce and brand to be merged

To ensure that hummel’s new platform is a contender in the world championships of the digital world, IMPACT has also been tasked with adapting the design of the new solution and implementing the latest omnichannel features so that the platform is still angled toward the modern consumer for the next several years to come.

hummel has great ambitions for global e-commerce and growth, and they do not shy away from thinking big - both technically and visually. It is a really exciting project for us.

Michael WiatrSalesforce Business Consulting Director, IMPACT. 

The latest e-commerce features include ‘shop the look’, ‘one view’ of products and ‘promoted filters and categories’. These all help to help customers throughout the buying process, and in order to create a unique buying experience, they must be closely linked with hummel’s long-standing brand history.

“We are not building a solution for yesterday, but for the several years to come. Therefore, it is imperative that tech, strategy and design interact closely in order to support hummel’s growth with a strong brand-commerce solution,” Anders Bom, Senior Digital Designer, IMPACT, states.