The IMPACT Omnichannel Index is an in-depth analysis across 65 omnichannel touchpoints. The study is a mix of in-store mystery shopping, digital performance analysis and desk research.

The Index analyses the entire customer journey, and this year’s study is the biggest yet – covering 277 Scandinavian brands and retailers across 12 industries.

These insights will be presented at four events in Sweden, Denmark and Norway in September 2022. Here, the best retailers within each category and the best-in-class will also be announced.

Mapping the
customer journey

The Omnichannel Index consists of 65 touchpoints across six categories. The first five cover the traditional customer journey while the sixth is a brand new category for 2022: Sustainability from an omnichannel perspective. Here are some of the key areas the Index covers:​


includes Google performance, social media presence, and video marketing.


includes product data, reviews, in-store self-service, and retargeting.


includes click’n collect, omnichannel baskets, and payment options.


includes delivery options, customer care, video chat, and personalisation.


includes customer club programmes, automated flows, and custom app solutions.

in retail

This year’s study introduces a new category: Sustainability. This category benchmarks pioneers in the adoption of more responsible shopping behaviour in retail.​

The category ranks retailers according to sustainability measures, including:​

· Promotion of sustainable shopping, like second-hand shopping or repair services​

· Adoption of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals​

· Ability to climate offset your purchase during checkout

· Option to select climate-friendly packaging or delivery services

The Omnichannel Index 2022 is presented
in collaboration with our valued partners